The next generation of blockchain & machine learning payments

Integrating digital money to move money quickly, reliably, using Distributed Ledger Technologies.

With a team of top technology and finance professionals, Blockimpact offers access to fintech solutions and service solutions for payments. Blockimpact is a decentralized protocol solution app.

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What does blockchain powered, Blockimpact mean for the mobile payments industry?
  • Payments and digital currencies to fiat currency transfer solutions including cross-border transactions
  • Super-secure, strengthening consumer confidence.
  • An immutable database for our users’ personal identity data, adding an extra layer of security. If there are any illegitimate transactions, it’s easy to track the transaction records.
  • For users who are hesitant to enter credit card details on their phones, DLT powered mobile payment solutions allow customers to use tokens instead.
  • Our app platform powers loyalty programs for retailers. Customers can get point systems tokens when they spend money, redeemable against for purchases or trade with other users.
  • Using smart contracts we can help automatically verify and enforce the terms of a contract, a major boon for banks and fintechs.
  • Simplify trade finance, by enabling instant payments for big overseas shipments, which normally take weeks to finalize with paper trails.